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deepika - December 12, 2022

10 Publications That Will Pay You for Travel Writing

Scoring a paid gig as a travel writer is hard work, even for experienced journalists. So how can you carve out space for yourself in a crowded industry? Start your own travel blog, or sign up to a community contributor network, like the one we have at six-two – you can find out more about our Content Creator Community here. Along with publishing your work online, it can be a good idea to develop strong social media channels.

You get credited as the author once your article is published. Plus, you also get backlinks to your website and social media. My Itchy Travel Feet is a personal travel website focused on active baby boomers. They target their audience with content that’s original, informative, and relatable.


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“Writer’s Market” also offers an online version of its directory. I have also spent a lot of time simply surfing the internet for travel publications/websites that accept submissions. Just typing in ‘travel magazines’ or ‘travel websites’ will potentially throw up a wealth of opportunities. Check out the type of content that each of the publications feature and send them a unique pitch of your own. I registered and created a profile with TravMedia, a global travel media network. The beauty of this website is that not only can you respond to editor alerts, but also trawl through the site and contact any of the likely looking publications and pitch them.

If you want to become a travel writer, you shouldn’t expect to get an article published right away. After all, this is the dream job and so competition is fierce. Editors often rely on just a few freelance writers that they commission time and time again.

However, they also promote writers’ websites and feature them on their homepage, providing more exposure and the chance to land new clients. If you prefer to work on 1,000 – 2,000 word articles, they pay a standard rate of $150 per article. They pride themselves on working with both travel experts and young guns looking to kickstart a writing career with their first published piece. Join the Matador Creator Community, so you don’t miss out on the latest calls for submission. The Travel Magazine budget for freelance writers isn’t public knowledge.

If the answer to those questions is “Yes, definitely! Travel writing in particular is driven by setting. Get as poetic and flowery as you like — this isn’t for publication, it’s to try and put words to a memory that you can pull from later. If you don’t like reading, that is fine — become a travel photographer instead.

We can’t all spend months on end traversing the globe, but if you’re a keen explorer you’ll find a way to see the world. Even if that means seeing your own city as a tourist and writing about the local foodie spots, nightlife and sites. Some would argue that exploring and writing about your own local neighbourhoods is the best way to start. Jeremy Long is a writer and content creator based in Las Vegas. He has written for Matador Network, the Hilton Travel Inspiration blog, and is the author of several published books, including ‘Ghost Snare,’ a paranormal humor series.

Looking for more inspiration on how to become a travel writer and get started? Check out the winners of our six-two community writer network for some great examples of real, exciting and unforgettable travel writing. Does this say what I want in the clearest way possible?

Sign up to our weekly Dao Insights newsletter to receive exclusive articles and case studies, plus the latest news on what’s happening in China. Trailer Life is another RV-focused monthly publication. The majority of their content is created by remote workers. One of the last stretches of unspoiled wilderness in Canada is home to some of the most beautifully unique wildlife in the world.

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