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deepika - December 25, 2022

5 Simple Ways to Build Great Writer-Editor Relationships

Many of the articles we publish—and many of the studies we cover—have one or both of the following qualities. Along with writing ability, you should be able to discuss common relationship issues and suggest possible resolutions. People already know the pitfalls they face when they deal with a roommate or spouse. Readers want to know how to fix their problems, and you can help. 4 Tips for Writing a Modern RetellingFrom having reverence for the original to making it your own, author Nikki Payne shares four tips for writing a modern retelling. Are you new to writing fiction for young adults?


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Having friends outside of your relationship is important. You need people you can share certain things with. Your partner will not be available to spend all of their time with you, it might not be healthy to do so anyway.

Helping your readers know how to leave a good first impression will help your readers succeed. Discuss some of the things that you should do and shouldn’t do on a first date so that they can make sure they leave the best impression, and the date goes smoothly from start to finish. If you wish to include image, you must make sure the license of the image allows you to do so. Please email any images to our Editor directly including the name of the article they are for. We like to keep images a certain size and compression level to ensure they display nicely on both mobile devices and laptops.

Casual touches may become more forceful or unwelcome. They may laugh and joke with each other or be caught smiling at a once-loathed enemy. Think about a similar relationship you might have experienced and incorporate your behaviour into your characters’ actions. Some people just do not have time for love or dating in their life right now, but it’s important no matter how busy you are.

It’s also a good idea to include external links to help support the content your article. We cannot guarantee that we’ll publish every article, but we’ll let you know if we’re able to use your submission either way. However, if you’re submitting an article from another source, just let us know where it’s coming from. Now, I’m reaching out you to ask if you are interested in posting sponsored content on your blog. If so, please devote some time to tell me your thoughts in your busy schedule. Also, if you have other websites that relate to the IT industry, please let us know.

Love means that you are in it together no matter who your partner is, but sometimes there may be trouble when one partner has narcissistic tendencies. Help your readers identify when their loved one might not be healthy for them to be around, and how they can get out of a bad relationship. Love may feel like it is the last thing on your mind after going through a sexual assault. Love and support can be important for people to help feel good about themselves again after such a traumatic experience.

Each should acknowledge different points of view and be willing to give and take. Can’t help but zero in on every grammatical error you see? Analyzing ads in public to figure out if you could write it better? Fighting the urge to red-pen any document that comes in front of you?

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