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deepika - December 15, 2022

Be a Gaming Guest Writer and Write for us on Video Games and Online Gaming

This will also create a break between a long article. Here are some writing formats and tips you should keep in mind before sending us your samples. Make sure to use these while writing your samples.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

That could be a retrospective on the game as a whole or just one facet of the game that has stuck with you all these years later. Email that sample, along with any other samples, to s with a little bit about yourself. If you join our team, your sample will be used as your first article on the site. You will also draft a pitch template with basic information and then personalize it when you pitch to a video game company. The content written by a scriptwriter is then used by voice actors to act out parts of the game via voice over work.

Many screenwriters have the fantasy of writing a brilliant screenplay that is perfect for video game interpretation. Not only is the content well-produced, but it rings very true regarding the kind of lessons a budding narrative designer/video game writer will benefit from. An applicant who has successfully completed the edX Professional Certificate in Writing for Video Games would have a definite advantage. We don’t ask an excessive amount of of our writers. As mentioned, there are not any ridiculous quotas to satisfy – you don’t got to write a piece of writing or review a day , hebdomadally , or maybe monthly .

If you established your name in this industry, and have good connections then you’re the perfect candidate for this job. Thank God for GameSkinny, because I couldn’t have found a better place to help me improve my writing and get a new start. Contributing to GameSkinny was like a breath of fresh air.

We look for responsible people, who write in the correct way so that the content can be understood by the public of all ages. We are now able to offer paid freelance positions and work on a pay-per-post basis. At TheReviewGeek we have a real love for all things media-related and aim to create one of the best entertainment sites on the internet. If you share this enthusiasm and want to get your voice heard, now’s your chance. You would get to express your opinion about the games you love/hate on a platform that is widely read, and appreciated.

You must maintain the very best standard of ethics and professional integrity, as we are only nearly as good because the trust our readers wear us, thus please respect our reputation and credibility. Avoid sending us content with serious grammatical and spelling mistakes. They’re professionals with extensive experience in journalism .

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