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deepika - December 12, 2022

How to Write Lifestyle Blogs

In case you know more blogs matching that category, please email me those. Preference will be given to original content, please check your article for plagiarism. The only one Do followback link will be provided in the article. Please read mentioned content writing guidelines carefully. Do not use titles that are already included in our different blogs. Once your article has been published on our blog, you cannot publish it anywhere else, including your own blog.

Do not include any marketing links or make posts self-promotional. Please do not submit plagiarized content or content that has been published before. We are your complete resource for starting, growing, and monetizing your blog.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Not to mention that only the minority of those websites will be appreciative of a callow newcomer submitting for them. This makes many entrepreneurs and new writers very timid about ever using the internet medium as an income generator. It should be non-promotional, well written, and must be fulfilling all rules of grammar. We do not accept posts covering sensitive matters of life.

Please let us know if you have any comments or recommendations concerning our blog or website! We will do our best to respond to and implement your ideas as soon as possible. If you are obsessed with luxury, and want to contribute to our blog, we are always on the look out for creative and talented writers with something to say. If you have the writing bug, we would love to hear from you. Articles need to be over 1300 words and include 5+ photos . If you don’t have any photos then let me know, as there may be some photos relevant to your article that I can add.

1-2 links to the author’s website, blog or other branded online destination may be included. What can you personally do in order to rekindle your passion anew? There are two potential avenues that are visible on the horizon. You will have to write a broad enough portfolio to make yourself stand out in the eyes of web hosts.

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