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deepika - November 18, 2022

Jocelyn Hargrave On Linkedin: Millions Of Followers? For E-book Sales, Its Unreliable

All you have to do is go onto the Waterstones website and search “Thesiger’s Mashhuf” and you will note that the e-book is in stock and being bought. You can even stroll into any Waterstones retailer in London and purchase guadeloupe vs suriname a copy. It’s fairly clear it is a faux evaluate and never by the actual Ammar who is definitely a really good writer.

There is not any cause a writer sells a “package” to an author to profit the writer. PermalinkThis have to be a faux comment because the real Ammar Al Thuwaini had his e-book printed with LR Price Publications and it is at present in inventory and being offered at Waterstones. Most doubtless this is some author who received his manuscript rejected and is jealous. BTW I am a contract editor at LR Price so I know the one that labored on this manuscript. Check Alli’s vetted listing for publishers with a history of problems which are clearly marked in red. Avoid changing into tempted by offers from folks and book publishers that you simply don’t know.

The sad, sad history of gross sales by “famous radio hosts” within the Nineteen Seventies and Eighties should have been a hint. PermalinkWise phrases but I must say that I used Matador for e-book three because of the time factor. They come highly recommended by Writer’s Workshop and others. I found them to be wonderful – skilled, savvy marketers in addition to knowing their business. Were you a respectable publisher, you would not be sharing confidential info, including sales data, in a pathetic try and confuse the difficulty and hurt people that you’ve already victimized. PermalinkI have simply commented on THE BOOK GUILD so I hope you learn it.

A man named “Brian Watsons” has been pestering me for days now and I don’t assume I’m the only one they’ve contacted about this. PermalinkI’m reporting a fraudulent firm referred to as “Bright Lights Distribution LLC” that’s chilly calling authors, accumulating financial data over the cellphone and the non-delivery of goods or companies which were paid for. I really have been scammed up to now and for all of the authors out there, don’t self publish with Balboa Press. I minimize ties with them over two years in the past and they nonetheless name me, offering me offers and wanting money. PermalinkMe and my pal also saw this link; nonetheless, they’re just listed there.

I am so offended for these individuals who put money and religion In you, just for the disrespect toward them from you continues. Almost each publisher that went down in flames hid their faces for an excellent very long time. And by that, I’m talking publishers who were once revered and ruined their reputations ultimately. PermalinkIn my expertise, I can not affirm that Novum Publishing promises the authors something that is not saved.

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