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deepika - December 12, 2022

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If your content doesn’t belong to the following topics, we are unlikely to consider it for further processing. So, we suggest you go through the niches below carefully before reaching out to us with your article. We are looking for skilled, creative, and engaging writers with a loud voice to provide original and relevant content in diverse niches. All articles are accepted/rejected based on various factors like the scope of the article, the quality of the article, and relevancy. + You should provide the article in a formatted word document.

Our badges will help you get a rank in the top 25+ companies list. The content quality is more necessary than the recording. So, create a plan and gather abundant information before recording your podcast. Write clear and maintain the originality of content (if your article isn’t 100% original, we are likely to discard it). We are not responsible for third-party interactions with you after posting your PR on our website.

Please keep in mind that not all articles submitted will be published. The most significant criteria for determining the article’s uniqueness are and quality. Furthermore, each item must be at least 1,500 words long.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Image should be 800×400 and more for featured images. Relevant images/videos can be used in the post where necessary with sources attributed. You are expected to be a blogger, a reader and not a SEO firm agent. Our team will reach you soon with the process of getting listed on our website. Each information of in the post is true and relevant. The Technoverts is a popular source of updates on tech news, VR, AR, Apps, Development, Reviews, future techs world-wide, and many other updates.

The focus keyword should be there in your first paragraph of the article. Mention your bio with a minimum of 200 characters where you will get the Do-Follow link and Social link in it. If you have a gravatar email id of the author then provide us. The article has a minimum of 1000 words to 1500 Words.

The Technoverts raises the value of contributor and businesses when they come and publish their content with us. In return, we boost up their business growth by that content on our website and on all social media platforms. Also, please note that all articles submitted will not be published. The most important criterion for evaluating the originality article is and quality. In addition, each item has to be at least 1,500 words in length.

We prefer original content, but articles can be published elsewhere too; we don’t require exclusivity. If you would like to publish a guest post on our blog, please read our editorial guidelines and fill out the submission form below. You are permitted to share the blogs on multiple social media platforms or elsewhere with a link back to this site. We don’t accept plagiarism or copyrighted content, so we will recommend checking the plagiarism before sending the blogs to us. If your article is accepted and published in Echo innovative IT, it should not be published anywhere else.

Reproducing articles on our blog or elsewhere is strictly prohibited. The article should not be promotional or advertorial. This means, do not mention your company name or products within the article.

If you have an interesting article or idea that you want to share with our readers, we can help you publish it here. With an expertise in a specific area to share their knowledge and contribute to our Insights section. We are on a mission to build a comprehensive repository of knowledge in various aspects of mobile advertising, app marketing, app development and analytics. LambdaTest reserves the right not to respond to submissions that do not meet the guidelines.

Make sure you send the topic ideas with 2-3 lines of descriptions to clear out the things you will cover in the article. That is why please get familiarized with the recommendations on posts before sending them to us. Please do a thorough search of our site before submitting your articles to avoid duplicate topics.

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