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deepika - December 15, 2022

Sustainable Fashion Guide About Write for us

We require SR Writers to provide a subtitle, the first attention-grabbing sentence beneath the main title. If your article is under 750 words, include graphic visuals to enhance your talking points.

Do not submit articles that unreasonably promote either yourself or another company. All articles must be unique, and may not be a copied/republished article from another site. All interactions with our website are governed by our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Editorial Guidelines. You will be deemed to consent to these terms and guidelines if you choose to publish or post any content on our website. By submitting your material to us for publication for open access, you agree that you are not entitled to and don’t expect any payment or compensation for that you submit. CareOurEarth does not pay for guest submitted materials.

Is supported with relevant and well-researched arguments. Include a link to sources by putting relevant links in brackets next to the claim/statement. We do not require you to submit any images – will source and add images to your article for you. If your business is targeting eco-minded people, and you can create high-quality content, you have come to the right place. We are really strict about meeting the deadlines so you need to be really committed about providing the articles well in time. If you are an expert in a relevant field, or are passionate and well-read, I want to hear from you.

The text should not be commercial and cannot include links unless they are relevant. We are widely flexible and open-minded about the types of content we produce and publish. Our publication firmly believes no sustainability perspective is stupid or unwelcome (especially if it’s rooted in data, good intentions, and rational thinking). We request that a link to the data source be included in the content. Please link phrases, not single words, and Similarly, do not link complete sentences.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Support our mission to make sustainability accessible for everyone. Assume your most fragile grandparent is reading your article. Sometimes, you must quickly explain something you might find obvious or well-known. Writing is a creative endeavor, and you deserve the freedom to convey your thoughts as you see fit.

All decisions are at the discretion of our Editorial team. We don’t allow direct sales pitches or backlinks to the promotional product page. However, you may link your homepage from the author bio or from within the content if it’s relevant. You are welcome to submit your guest post for any of the above-mentioned topics. Please read the guidelines below before you submit your topics to us.

Do you have an opinion on sustainability or perhaps a new project or technology? Have you got an interesting role in delivering sustainable development? Do you want to share something interesting from the world around us that we could learn from? If so, please get in touch with Emily in the sustainability team with your ideas – Writers contributing to the Sustainable Review community are welcome to insert a YouTube video into the article when it is relevant to the content.

Through writing for Good Fronds you can share your wisdom and join our mission to make the world a little greener. Don’t be afraid to tackle sophisticated issues and topics. Write your piece as if you are communicating with a savvy colleague.

Successful applicants will work from home and engage with the SBT team using virtual platforms (i.e. email, Skype etc.). The folks at the SBT are looking for passionate contributing authors to join the team. The ideal applicants will have a broad interest in sustainability with strong writing skills.

Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development. We do not publish content that has been submitted to or run on other sites/publications. We are particularly interested in profiles of new and emerging entrepreneurs, companies, and industries that highlight the intersection of business, sustainability and the environment. We are also interested in features that explore broader market trends shaping our climate future. The body of your article may include up to two links to authoritative websites; your own site can be included. All our blog posts include at least one video, so if you have a relevant video, please include the URL for it.

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