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deepika - December 4, 2022

Travel Blog

Writers should be experts about the destinations they pitch. We will receive great stories that we will be happy to share with our audience. They’ve heard it from us, now they want to hear from you. Show them that anyone can live an extraordinary life and that travel can enrich their lives just as it has enriched yours. We’ll share your article and tag your Twitter, Facebook. Make sure to include a bio at the bottom of the post.

Our wide range of self-guided itineraries embody the UTracks philosophy of exploring Europe your way. We handle the logistics so all that’s left for you to do is enjoy exploring Europe at your own pace. Most depart daily with a minimum of two people, meaning maximum flexibility.

Writers are also requested not to include any external links to affiliate websites or ones that promote a product or service available on another website. Get on board with Royals and become a published writer. Write for us on travel, wanderlust, travel guide, tourism, vacations and travel destinations and inspire people by helping them to broaden their horizons. We are providing a chance for writers, freelancers and bloggers to become a part of this inspiration by writing about your travel experiences to readers across the world. We are looking for blogs including your personal experiences, insider tips, travel hacks and travel stories.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

If your pitch is a good fit, our editorial team will be in touch to let you know we’d like to move forward. We will provide you with a keyword and an outline to create your post around. Please make sure your post fits this keyword and the outline we’ve provided, otherwise, we won’t be able to publish it. Include photos, either sourced or your own unedited photos. Your photos should match the content of your post and be visually stunning – their job is to help tell the story of a place visually. We may add recommendations based on what we know is the best fit for our readers, and we may do so at any time – even after publishing your post.

Bloggers must have a creative flair and a passion for the outdoors who can create interesting, informative, engaging and shareable community content. Blog posts should be accompanied by your own photography, the community’s imagery or photos that are appropriately sourced and credited. Blog posts must be exclusive to OAG, and cannot be published anywhere else. If you are new to publishing writing, but embark on interesting adventures, love photography and enjoy writing, then please apply.

If you are doing a top things to do in… post, we need photos to go with each number. “14 things to do” should be 14 photos plus a separate featured image photo and bio photo. That means – please do not contact us if you are a content agency, or someone who wants to buy links.

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