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deepika - December 13, 2022

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I enjoy the focus on relationships and on enriching all lives that come into contact with Club Wealth®. My whole life is centered knowing Jesus Christ my savior and carrying out the will of God. I also love filmmaking, movies, and playing Catan with friends. Everyone works hard to achieve and meet those expectations.


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There is no right or wrong way to start a real estate blog, but the more specific you are with your intended audience, the better. Are you writing real estate articles for other real estate professionals? Are you creating a real estate investing blog for potential clients? We will accept posts that are related to news of residential and commercial properties. Your guest post will reach a very wide audience on the ChivMen blog that will help your real estate business gain traction online.

A guest post will help your property business build a presence online but your article should be of very good quality. Your articles will be a part of a search marketing campaign. Don’t write an article or blog just for the sake of links. If your article is good enough then you will build links naturally to your site. Please submit and write an article that will help people in their real life not for sake of links. Once you do that, you can explore our huge database, which comprises 40,000+ high authority websites of all possible niches.

They also have exclusive access to the treasure trove of data they collect from their 36 MILLION monthly visitors. Stay up to date on the best length for articles, which is currently at or above 1,000 words. Once you have this beginner’s step down, you might want to consider doing some heavier keyword research with a special platform or service. Any images used in your posts must be original, or those from the public domain. You are expected to properly attribute images that you use.

A weekly email newsletter and social media platforms are part of this. It’s crucial to start a blog, create an online community, and link the various platforms to strengthen the community. Evernest is an all-in-one real estate services partner for single-family and small multi-family investors, landlords, and owners. We specialize in property management and brokerage services for single-family houses, condos, and small multi-family buildings. We currently manage 6,500+ homes for 3,000+ owners.

We have a highly competent and knowledgeable editorial team that’ll check if your work passes the standards of our company. Upon getting the approval of our editor-in-chief, we’ll publish your article on Go Blue Sun and share it across our social media platforms. Please read articles related to real estate, construction, and home improvement on the website to get an idea of the type of topics we accept for our website. Content and blog marketing is the best way to educate the customers about your products in this recent digital era. It requires property searching methods, measurement and fundamental aspects of the property, amenities of the property, and evaluation of the real estate elements. Make sure that you have expert knowledge on the topic you choose to write about.

If you take our expert services, you can quickly inform and educate your clients about the core values of your real estate projects. The regular post and publication of the content can give our clients immense opportunities to communicate with their end-users. If you’re looking for new, must-read real estate blogs to add to your morning routine, today is your lucky day. We reached out to some of the most successful agents, brokers, and coaches that we know for their morning reading lists. We do everything needed to share engaging posts that you would otherwise need to do yourself.

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