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deepika - December 18, 2022

Write for Us Contributor

Our articles will always focus on educating fellow community members. We will avoid not confusing them with complex jargon and overly technical explanations. Contain excessive grammatical errors and are generally poor quality. If you find a supporting chart, infographic, or video that you would like to include in your article, please cite them and include them upon submission. Please submit at least one relevant image to accompany each article approximately.

This means that having links on other sites, linking to yours, is indicative of your sites’ quality and will help it achieve a higher ranking in Google’s search results. However, please note that our website is not focusing on link building. We reject any posts which are created only for SEO purposes. To make and publish your guest post as a contributing writer here, all you need to be is a passionate writer and follow the criteria provided and submit content. So please include any and all of your links, because if readers like your posts, they can got directly to your blog for more of you. Guest post content must be elaborated with the relevant images to make it’s reading more effective.

Location based content is more likely to be accepted if it is Australia / New Zealand based. We provide more details about what to submit after you sign up. We are keen to hear founder stories, articles with lessons or actionable ideas, news about new startups or startup launches, deals and personnel changes in Western Australia.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

The keywords that were utilised must be provided separately after the article, along with the Meta description. 4 – You can include a single link that directs the reader to your website’s homepage. 1 – Your blog’s material should have at least one internal link to make the data easily accessible. At ArtsHub, we want to read new voices that reflect all of the arts sector, so we’re calling out for new contributors. We have teamed up with 11 industry experts to demystify the process and break it down into 7 easy-to-follow chapters.

This will include our ownership over related third party materials. At Lumi, we’re always looking for people who can bring valuable perspectives and insights to our audience. We also love to exchange knowledge, and guest posts are a great way to deliver relevant news to our readers continuously. If you’re interested in contributing to our blog, and/or to get a post from Lumi to publish on your blog, please review our guidelines below.

Topics should relate to our readers and be genuinely usefull or inspirational. Advertisements, or something that reads like you were paid by a corporation to write. Accuracy is as important to quality as proper spelling and grammar, not only does information need to be well-presented but it needs to be true as well. Quality means that your content has reached a certain level of sophistication as to be enjoyed by our audience. It has to communicate its message meaningfully and succinctly. Think of Best in Australia as a talent show where the stage is yours to impress people with.

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