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deepika - December 7, 2022

Write for us Health Blog!

Your blog post will be live for many many years ahead into the future. Toothsome encourages trust with their audience through an open and honest copy. Their About Us page clarifies the types of treatments available, as well as the dental specialities of their dentists. There is also frank conversation about why Toothsome chooses to practice in limited areas of dentistry, and this is framed as an advantage to their patients.

If you have a site or a business related to dental care, dental blogs can multiply your traffic easily. Basically, you write a piece of content for dental blogs that accept guest posting, they publish it and mention you as an author. Alternatively, you can submit a backlink in an already existing article. You can share your expert knowledge with a large audience by writing for Mom News Daily. By writing for Mom News Daily, your story will get in front of more people.

You can promote the post on social media platforms by publishing 100 words of the article along with the link to the post. The guest post should be original and should contain unique ideas on the topic that have not been published on other platforms or websites. The purpose of your blog is to bring new patients to your website. Make sure you’re offering a great user experience on every page. Visit this post to learn best practices for your dental website. Then, create a list of potential blog topics from the issues that will most benefit them.

If you’re writing to attract patients remember to speak in their language. Cut jargon and technical language out of your article if it won’t help your reader to better understand. Write in short, direct sentences rather than long complicated ones.

Good articles with beautiful, rich media throughout the story. All images must be owned by you or include a cited source. We retain the right to remove images from submissions and replace them with those our editors pick. Hi, Thanks for showing interest in writing for Health soothe.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Also, we may make slight changes to formatting and wording without changing the essence and meaning of the text. Besides Facebook and Twitter supported social networks are Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube and Vimeo. Article should have a heading and one or more subheadings. Clear article structure makes it more enjoyable to read.

We value your time and want to ensure your writing efforts will be honored by publishing your great piece of content. We accept only original content which doesn’t exist anywhere else on the internet. As already knowledgeable on the subject it shouldn’t be difficult for you to write original articles which reflect your unique knowledge and opinion. By limiting their dental services, Toothsome may have indirectly created questions as to why they chose to specialise in such narrow fields. The dentists are introduced in the copy with reference to their dental speciality.

Many dentists offer professional tooth cleaning to prevent tooth decay or inflammation of the gums. After periodontal disease treatment, it is supposed to prevent the inflammation from returning. To write for us, your guest posting articles must be related to the topic of dental health, oral health, dentistry or dentist. A dental blog is a great way to direct new eyes to your dental practice’s website. By publishing consistent blog posts and sharing them on social media or via email, you have a great way to direct new and returning patients to your website. That’s just one of the reasons why blogging is an important part of most content marketing strategies.

The content should be relevant to the topic and should clearly define it. Alongside, make sure that it does not violate any copyright issues. If you would like a experienced dental professional to answer your question for free, please join our forum and then post a topic.

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